Standing up for sustainable development

Planting forests is one thing,
ensuring prosperity is another...

OZG is not an environmental organisation, nor are we a traditional development organisation. We create agro forests in order to prepare the conditions for entrepreneurship in a socially and ecologically responsible manner, which are non-negotiable conditions.

Today's young people who live and work in Sub-Saharan Africa want to do more than just farming to survive. The transfer of wealth is therefore the key to the sustainable transformation of a region into a modern society of the 21st century. And let Africa have all the necessary assets to achieve this.

Forests (with cashcrops) are the means for OZG to achieve wealth transfer. At the same time, agro forests improve biodiversity, improve water management, capture CO2 and trees stop desertification by making the soil fertile again.
Thanks to forests, there is no longer any hunger, income per capita increases, children can go to school and women are more financially independent. Through the new opportunities we create with forests, people return to their villages and we prevent migrations. 

At the Dakar Forum (23-26 April 2019), the chairman of OZG Werner Sels called for sustainable local development with attention to the future prospects of future generations in the Sub-Saharan region.