Mission Senegal April 2018

Mission in Senegal from 11 to 23 April. Team members: Werner Sels, Prof. Dr. Ir. Patrick Van Damme, Wim Jacobs, Halewijn Timmerman and El Hadji Malick Sylla.  

Mission objective:

Roll-out in Senegal of the concept we developed in Burkina Faso from 2007-2017:

- spotting degraded sites - due to climate change - in the region with 200-400mm of rain per year (Podor-Matam; north-east Senegal)
- notify the authorities: Ministry of the Environment, Grand Muraille Verte (Great Green Wall), Eaux et Forêts (Water and Forests)
- get to know the mayor, chefs and leaders of the various communities
- contact local NGOs for cooperation
- analyse business cases