Young people, stay committed!

Schermafbeelding 2019 01 24 om 16.18.52

Entrepreneurs Without Borders was born out of concern for our climate. We are therefore very proud that our Youngsters are massively striving for a bold sustainable policy and continue to stand up for their future. With their commitment, they all create a conscience for all of us! 

The challenge is not climate change but a change in mentality!

What are we doing for our future?
- We plant forests in the Sub-Saharan Africa to stop desertification due to climate change. 
- Together with our young people, we demand a bold policy from our government to protect the future of all of us by investing in a sustainable society. Not tomorrow, but NOW!
-On Sunday 27 January, OZG will participate in a demonstration for "Rise for Climate" for a better climate and a sustainable society.

You too, right? 

#occupyforclimate #whateverItTakes #YouthForClimate