Mbar Toubab: 200ha will be green again

20181128 7

Not a day goes by or people are talking about the climate somewhere. Entrepreneurs Without Frontiers (OZG: Ondernemers Zonder Grenzen) doesn't just stick to talking, but actively searches for opportunities to counteract the results of climate disruption. They do this by combatting desertification, through reforestation projects at the edge of the desert.

Chairman Werner Sels, sociologist Halewijn Timmermand and geographer Malick Sally are currently studying the Ferlo region in Senegal, particularly the sites Ranérou and Mbar Toubab. They are completing the feasibility study and are preparing the reforestation. This is OZG's first time in Senegal, following the example of what they achieved in Burkina Faso.

Follow their story here in the next few days.

These past few days, OZG is welcomed in the villages with lots of honors and hospitality. The negotiations have already paid off: the plots in the Great Green Wall near Mbar Toubab (200ha) and Ranérou (50ha) have been allocated to OZG. Together this makes our first 2.5 km² in Senegal.

16°00'35.0"N 15°40'43.0"W near Mbar Toubab: these are the coordinates of the allocated site. It is still dry and sandy today but will soon become fertile again. After all, the first trees will be sown in the first quarter of 2019.

Malick, our local geographer, has done tests with soil samples to know the composition of the ground. He told us that both sites still contain enough nutrients to turn the tide!

See the pictures below. Werner allowed the chief of the village to persuade him to ride with horse and cart to the working area!