A new forest, a symbol of hope

Benefiet ARne 30 06 2022 3212

Benefit for the forest of Arne and so much more...

The two-day benefit for the "Forest of Arne" was a dynamic gathering of people - young and old - who miss Arne and who at the same time carried a message of hope to make this world a better place.  

The docu-movie "The Great Green Wall" on 30 June allowed people to get to know the project of Entrepreneurs Without Frontiers, what we do and why.
The Musical on 1 July "Our final year - in concert" showed a fine example of talent and professionalism of the final year students of the Brussels Conservatoire; the fellow students of Arne. 

With the Great Green Wall project - in which Entrepreneurs Without Frontiers is participating today in Senegal - we bring hope and connect people to make it a better world together. 

Enjoy the photo coverage...