Ethical Charter

For Employees

All employees of Ondernemers Zonder Grenzen share the same ambitious values and goals. The OZG employee charter describes the mission and values that guide the behaviour of all employees. It translates these values into principles and concrete guidelines for the employees.

Would you like to know how this document guarantees the reliable operation of OZG?

 You can read this in the 'Charter for the employees' of OZG. 

For investors

Entrepreneurs Without Borders wants to work with investor partners who support the ambitious values and goals of RMP. To this end, we have put down on paper some basic agreements with our investors. What does OZG expect from its investors in the pursuit of local, ethical and responsible entrepreneurship?

Would you like to know how OZG even wants to have a positive impact within the organisations of its investors?

You can read it in the "investor charter".